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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  July 3, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 6:00 a mystery on the beltway. who'll gunned down a father found shot to death inside a car shot on 495 in prince george's county. police now asking the public to help solve this case. >> plus once again a trump tweet is dominating the news cycle this morning. the president posting a video that some say advocates violence against the media. >> live look outside on this monday morning. it's july 3rd. we'll have weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:05. good morning. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm wisdom martin in for steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. at first this morning at 6:00 the search for a killer is that under way in prince george's county. >> this after a man was shot dead in his car on the beltway fox5's anjali hemphill joins us live with the latest. good morning. good morning, guys. yeah, the circumstances of this case are certainly bizarre. a family man, a father of four found shot to death behind the wheel of his beloved car in the middle of the travel lanes of the beltway. and now
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viewers can help them solve this crime. take a look. this is our victim 55-year-old adriano lombre of upper marlboro. police say it was just before midnight on saturday when an officer drove up on lombre's white mercury grand marquis which was stopped in the middle of the travel lanes on the outer loop near the exit for penn avenue. inside the officer spotted lombre behind the wheel. he had been shot several times and the police also noticed the car had bullet holes and they found shell casings on the road nearby. now, police say it was a a holiday weekend so that time of night when lombre was shot should have been pretty busy on the beltway and they believe there are witnesses. however they say no one has called yet to report anything. we spue he can to lombre's daughter who told us he did have a party at his home that night and he ended up driving some of his friends home. he was on his way back from d.c. when he called her to say he would be just 15 minutes more and he never came
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>> he was a great neighbor. he was a great neighbor. i mean, you know, like i say, we been here for years and him and i shared keeping our vehicles clean and just good conversation. great guy, good worker, hard worker, hard working guy, yeah, very, very sad at this point in time. in time. may have saw his 1999 white mercury grand marquis with chrome wheels and that large redskins decal along the entire back windshield. if you saw that car any time between 11:30 and midnight on saturday night investigators want to speak to you. you can remain anonymous and there is a $25,000 reward being offered for any information leading to an arrest. that's the latest here in prince george's county police headquarters, anjali hemphill fox5 local news. >> also in that prince george's county police continue to search for one of two suspects they say broke into a home in brandywine and exchanged gunfire with the peoplens
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afternoon along lusby lane. one of the suspects was shot and later died. the second suspect ran away. a person inside the home was also injured. >> breaking overnight in alexandria, scary situation for a driver after an attempted carjacking, an armed carjacking in the 100 block of north royal street. police say the suspect showed the driver a firearm. it's unclear how that driver got away. the suspect was later caught. no injuries were reported. extra police patrols will be in that area. >> to politics now. president trump is spending this prefourth of july monday in new jersey. he has no public events on the schedule but aides say he's been working hard. >> and as fox's marianne rafferty reports now growing calls from the left and the right to relent on his twitter tirades and focus on his agenda. >> the president spending time away from d.c. but not the twitterverse. his video attacking cnn had
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cleanup duty. >> it's not going to do any good for us to comments on things we might not like pow his twitter behavior. >> reporter: trump went after news networks at a kennedy center event honoring veterans. >> the fake media is trying to silence us. but we will not let them. >> reporter: but the president defended himself tweeting his social media behavior as "modern day presidential." democrats and republicans alike are hoping trump focuses more on policy matters. >> people are now begging the president not to do this and, you know, he had to stop doing it and we'll have to see what happens. >> our focus has to be on that kitchen table family paying 20, 30 and $40,000 for their premiums wondering how they're going to make ends meet. >> reporter: and then there's russia, later this week mr. trump will meet president vladimir putin for the first time. >> when he meets he's going to basically use his style and i respect that. whatev
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sure mr. putin knows that america will not succeed, we will not take a step a backwards and we will not allow him to infiltrate and change who we are as a people. >> reporter: before that highly anticipated meeting mr. trump will celebrate independence with a picnic and fireworks at the white house. marianne rafferty fox news. >> okay, it feels like the middle of the day humidity-wise and i'm not one to complain about summertime. >> it does. >> and you know i am its humid out there. >> okay, good, it's not just my imagination. >> it's particularly humid this morning. we'll be hot and humid this afternoon. temperatures will be in the mid 90's. the good news plenty of sunshine but i know a lot of people have today off so if you're going to be out and about, if you have family in town, going down to the mall, lots of water. make sure your pets have lots of water, too. >> that's for sure. >> all right. 75, that's actually the best we've done so far this morning for an overnight low. 72 in baltimore. dulles is 67 degrees. dewpoint temperatures currently in the l
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you say, what, allison? >> it's humid out here. >> yes, exactly. >> what is that? >> my humid voice. >> oh, that's a humid voice. >> yeah. >> okay. >> we a yo all have special voi. >> that's a new one i introduced. >> we all developed voices. you get yours later. our best chance for a storm will be tomorrow. there will be scattered storms tomorrow afternoon. sorry. but not tomorrow morning. i know you got a big event tomorrow allison. >> yeah. >> they'll be widely scattered. we'll talk more about the fourth of july forecast in a minute. >> including nighttime with fireworks on the mall. >> that's going to be the best chance tomorrow afternoon, scattered, okay. >> thanks tuck. >> let's get over to erin como and talk about the roads. >> 6:06 right now. taking a look at our maps, earlier train malfunction at new carrollton orange line residual delays to vienna. outer loop crash blocks the right shoulder at 95. traffic is so light not causing any slowdowns right now. traffic flowing freely the entire stretch of
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i want to hop outside for a live look at our cameras on 270 southbound. northbound side looking good despite a disabled vehicle. southbound side you can see that activity there to the right blocking the right shoulder a big crash. earlier it was blocking two right lanes so traffic was parked. right now coming down through clarksburg residual delays eased. 355 nice and quiet. no problems to report. aside from those orange line delays the rest of your metro is on time. aside from that crash we showed you and the outer loop crash we told you about things looking good inside the beltway. 395 at speed. at speed through suitland. no problems on suitland parkway inbound. pennsylvania avenue in upper marlboro looks good. southern maryland seeing no issues in fort washington or clinton or brandywine this morning. 50 if you're taking the bay bridge maybe headed to the beaches no issues there. 95 to the delaware jersey shore looking good. i'll let you know if that changes. if you have an early morning flight to catch or picking someone up to enjoy those fireworks traffic on the way to bwi reagan national and dulles also looks
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that's your traffic. allison and wisdom. >> thanks erin. vre enforceing a new policy to fight passengers who stand in doorways of trains. all passengers standing at the door will have to get off the at a into allow others to exit. then they'll be allowed to reboard. vre says with increased ridership it's making difficult for others to get off at their stops. >> coming up next we got breaking news from overseas. a fiery bus crash. more than a dozen passengers feared dead. >> plus, the healthcare debate still very much alive even as lawmakers are away from washington. they're at home for the fourth of july break. coming up, where the gop's senate bill stands this morning. we're back in just 30 seconds. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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bassett is unique in regards to that customability. you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from. very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier. >> ♪ >> time now is 6:09. we have breaking news from overseas. 17 people still unaccounted for after a bus caught fire and crashed into a truck in southern germany and police have just confirmed multiple deaths. at least 31 people have been hurt. that bus company -- excuse me -- that bus i should say completely burned out. the burst burned out. officials say it crashed into a truck after a truck was stopped at the end of a traffic jam. >> eight people aboard a rescue helicopter are dead after trying to evacuate residents near a active volcano. the helicopter was carrying four crew men and four
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the chopper was three minutes away from a volcano that erupted and injured 10 people when that crash happened. in syria about a thousand additional fighters are now on the front lines in iraq. backed by the -- raqqa backed by the united states to take back the city from isis militants. this video shows how violent the fight is. cameras were rolling when fighters from a u.s. backed rebels platoon started firing at isis positions on the outskirts of the city. the islamic state continues to lose power in most of the area. >> to china where people are dealing with deadly flooding. heavy rains triggered the flooding. it's left eight people dead nine others missing. more than 634,000 people had to evacuate. central china's hunan province. rescuers are continuing to servsearch for residents. president donald trump has spoken with chain in's president about w
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incident in which a u.s. navy destroyer sailed by some disputed territory in the south china sea. the u.s. stethem came within 12 miles of triton island. u.s. officials say it was a routine rite of innocent passage. the destroyer incident was one of several topics the two presidents talked about during a phone call yesterday. >> ton washington state where an amtrak train derailed yesterday. the front four cars of the 15 car train derailed. 267 passengers were on board the train. some people suffered minor injuries. authorities say it could have been a lot more catastrophic than it was. at this time we don't know what caused that derailment. the train was traveling between vancouver and eugene, oregon. >> this morning a pennsylvania man is that under arrest. he's accused of killing an 18-year-old girl in a case of road rage. that teen had just graduated high school days earlier. 28
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turned himself in to police early yesterday morning. police say last week desper and bianca roberson became involved in a game of cat and mouse as they both tried to merge from two lanes down to one much at some point police say the man opened fire. bianca was shot in the head. >> let's go to capitol hill where all is quiet as lawmakers take a break this week for the fourth of july holiday. as for the president he was busy over the weekend making calls to lawmakers pushing for them to pass the senate republican's version of the healthcare bill. so far it has mixed reviews due largely in part to tax breaks and cuts to medicaid. a top white house official tells fox news congress should repeal now and replace later and even says some democrats would be willing to work with them like joe manchin of west virginia. >> work with us democrats who are willing to meet you in the middle. there's so many things that we can sit down and agree on. we have never been asked to get in the room. >> you just can't get rid of this because you can't leave people
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and this -- the obamacare needs -- needs significantly reform. >> some republicans have warmed up to the idea of splitting up the two. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he's opposed to that idea. meanwhile from new york to california angry americans showing resistance to the proposed healthcare bill. >> coming up next your fourth of july lineup here in the nation's capitol. >> and a live look outside as we head to break on this monday morning, weather and traffic on the 5s is coming up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 6:15 is the time right now. we're taking a live look outside at ocean city. near a beach is a good place to be when you have temperatures starting at 75 degrees at 6:15 in the morning. that would be good idea to head to the beach. tucker barnes wouldn't you concur. >> you go right now you can have your pick anywhere on that beach. >> anywhere on that whole area. >> yeah. i'd love to be down at the beach. going to be a nice day for
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today and tomorrow temperatures in the 80's. water temperatures in the upper 60's. it looks like down at the beaches just like locally our best chance for a thunderstorm will be tomorrow afternoon. i know we don't want to hear that on the fourth of july but what we get will be widely scattered. let's go back to yesterday. normal daytime high 88. reagan national 93 degrees. dulles was 90 and baltimore bwi marshall 92. very warm and sweaty out there. even allison is mentioning the humidity. 75 in washington, 72 annapolis, leonardtown 72, fredericksburg 70. big thanks to stafford county, had a great time down there on friday. great opportunity to meet everybody down there. 64 in manassas this morning. little better as we get north and west. gaithersburg, frederick in the 60's as well. dewpoint numbers you get these 70 or better, 70 or higher and it is very uncomfortable air. we call that oppressive and notice that there's just a little pke
6:17 am
d.c. down towards leonardtown fredericksburg towards annapolis where dewpoint temperatures are currently 70 or better. very uncomfortable air. little better north and west but it's a sticky start for everybody and's going to be a hot and sticky afternoon with daytime highs again well into the 90's a little later this afternoon. there's your satellite and radar. sun is up at 5:47 this morning. so it's been up about a half hour and just a few clouds. later today maybe an isolated shower or storm. there's a weak front right here and as that and drops down later this afternoon we could fire up a shower or a storm to the north and west. that will be about it. little better chances this front which will be falling apart gets a little closer tomorrow that we could have a few pop-up showers and storms. not enough to cancel your barbecues or your parades or& the fireworks. there could be a quick moving shower or thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon and we keep it hot 93. next couple days hot and humid and a little cooler for the end of the week here, middle to the end of the week. temperatures in the upper 80's and to
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thursday. i'm trying to say that's better but it's really not. erin how is it looking. >> 6:17 in the morning, it's humid and hot out and we have metro delays. residual delays to vienna there so watch out for that. as we take a look at our roads earlier crash in clark burg cleared to the right shoulder. little tap of the brakes on the right-hand side of the screen. that's the southbound traffic passing that earlier crash at 121. no major delays though. that's just about minute slowdown. northbound side looking good as well. volume is very light in both directions to and from 70 and the beltway. let's switch it over and show you a look at our maps. aside from that orange line delay because of the residual delays to vienna earlier train malfunction at new carrollton the rest of your metro commute on time. this crash has moved over to the right shoulder at 95 on the outer loop. 95 northbound nice and quiet if you're headed to the delaware beaches or the jersey shore. traffic looking good there. also on 50 we're nice and quiet to the eastern shore if you want to head over to kent island maybe make your way across the bay bridge, bay bridge traffic quiet right now. inner loop looks good through oxon hill. if you're trying to get
6:19 am
work today, traffic on 395 to the pentagon looks good. problem free on 295 to the 11th street bridge. love what we're seeing on 50 through riverdale park and 295 as well. outside the beltway bw parkway looking just perfect right now and 66 problem free. i anticipate lighter volume this morning. i could be wrong. i'll let you know if that changes but so far most of our majors into the district for the typical monday morning commute not really the same traffic pattern as usual. feels almost like a saturday or sunday. back to you guys. >> 6:19 is the time. what better way to kick off fourth of july celebrations than a burger eating contest? z-burger having its eighth annual burger eating championship that starts today at noon. 4,000 in cash and prizes is going to be awarded to the winner and spectators will get free burgers immediately following the contest. that's at the s z-burger in tenley down. oh, my goodness. indish jeff sessions.
6:20 am
>> indigestion. >> the show takes place at the e actor john stamos is hosting. mr. stamos if you're in town already come on by. we'd love to see you. anyway, john stamos hosting the event at 8:00 including performances by former american idol contestant kelly pickler as well as trace atkins and the beach boys and there will be an open dress rehearsal today. security will be tight tomorrow. but local law enforcement officials say there's no credible threat against the concert. >> sounds like a good time. >> steve always says it's good to see the rehearsal. it's like a free concert. >> every time i think of john stamos i think mullet. >> i think general hospital. i go way back with you john stamos. still ahead new jersey governor chris christie under fire this morning.
6:21 am
while his state is dealig with a government shutdown. >> plus a lot of sports headlines this morning. big news involving the nats and the all-star game. also the caps making a monster move overnight. the morning line coming up at 6:30. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> back now with today's business headlines. starting this week samsung plans to recycle and sell its recalled galaxy note7 phones the galaxy note fe will go on sale in south korea on friday selling for just over $600. now, samsung says the new phones are perfectly safe unlike the recalled versions that were found to be prone to overheating and catching fire. no word if the device will be sold here in the united states. >> new jersey still dealing with a government shutdown this morning. governor chris christie says he's using a state helicopter to travel to and from a state park where his family is enjoying the fourth of july holiday now to that state capitol to work on a
6:24 am
resolution. he came under fire after he was photographed lounging on the beach. christie said he would sign a democratic preferred budget as long as he gets the bill he wants to overhaul the state's largest health insurer. >> with less than 10 seconds left on the countdown officials at kennedy space center called off a scheduled space-x launch yesterday evening. space-x says they and scrubbed the launch over a glitch in the rocket's navigation system. the falcon nine rocket is scheduled to carry a powerful communications satellite into orbit. space-x will try again tonight at 7:37. >> good news when it comes to the space-x dragon capsule. it returns to earth today after delivering supplies to the international space station. the capsule has been attached to the space station for almost a month. it's expected to make its return home after five hours of free flight and reentry to the atmosphere. something that's coming up tomorrow our latest fox5 photographer special beyond the lens. >> this new one spotlights our
6:25 am
region's awesome street performers. here's a little sample. >> ♪ >> we've got to be ready. >> i love love this job. >> that one one shot in a story that can kind of speak for the whole story. >> these are real people. you can't forget that. >> those moments, that's what -- that's what i live for. i love those. >> ♪ >> beyond the lens sounds of the streets airs tomorrow july 4th at 4:30 a.m. and then at 10:30 a.m. and then at 6:30 p.m. so, check it out. good time. good time had by all. >> we have such talented photographers. >> yes, we have some very talented photographers. >> you know who's hosting that program. >> who is that? [laughter] >> you. >> yes, it is my privilege and honor to host that program. >> it's all coming together now. >> it's all coming together now. >> okay. >> it's very nice, though, very well done. very well put together. >> can't wait. i'll watch it tomorrow at
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>> plenty of time. >> all right. 75 right now in washington. we are going to be in the mid 90's later today. round of applause if you're excited about mid 90's. [applause] >> okay. >> thank you. >> slow clap is always funny. >> that was effective. we're going to be sunny and ho the today. yesterday we had a shower fire up. i guess we're going get one or two today although a little better chance of scattered storms tomorrow. i'll show you futurecast coming up but the theme s-, you know, it's early july. this is what we get in washington in early july, hot and humid conditions. 95 today, 93 tomorrow. again, a little better chance of scattered storms tomorrow. [applause] >> is that better? >> much better. >> what you deserve. >> i don't mind the 90's. >> i don't, either. >> i actually love them. >> can i just say i have four words for you. >> okay. >> say yes to the dress. >> thank you. >> five words. say yes to the dress. [laughter] >> i love your dress, too. >> you look amazing. >> love yours as well. love the bright yellow. so beautiful.
6:27 am
beautiful on 95 through dale city. volume super light south that of point in stafford and fredericksburg also looking good. look at the 14th street bridge, guys. it's almost 6:30 in the morning. enjoy that. very light volume from edsall road all the way up. freeway looking goodbye the --good by the they had street tunnel. sun glare. consider that's our biggest problem new yo this morning. top of the beltway out by new hampshire avenue looking good. new hampshire avenue cruising. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll take a look at metro as we continue. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> do you yourself a favor if you've never taken part or even watched it on tv a-capitol fourth celebration 30 years strong. the stage is set much this is the west lawn of the capitol. there's going to be a huge show. john stamos is the host. there are rehearsals today this afternoon but the show kicks off tomorrow. we said some of the performers yolanda adams will be there, the four tops will be there. it's going to be amazing. all righty. welcome back to fox5 news morning. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:35. first though at 6:30, sadly the search for a killer continues in prince george's county. man was driving on the beltway when someone shot and killed him. police found the body of 55-year-old
6:31 am
just before midnight saturday night. shell casings found on the road and gunshots in that vehicle. they say lombre was shot several times. he was driving a friend back to the district. he called to let them know he was coming home but never got there. there's a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. to the district now where d.c. police continued to investigate claims that an officer hit a child's bike with a cruiser then drove off. jayvoun brown says he was riding his bike thursday in northwest when a d.c. police car approached him. the 11-year-old says he tried to get away by cutting down an alley off georgia avenue and that's when he says that car followed him, hit the back of his bike and kept going. d.c. police did release a statement reading in part "while we are glad the juvenile was not seriously injured in this incident, we are taking these allegations involving one of our officers extremely seriously.
6:32 am
mpd's internal affairs bureau is that conducting a full investigation ." also in the district, the search for a person of interest in an alleged sexual assault in northeast. this happened back on june 15th in the 1100 block of 51st place. police say the suspect forced the victim into a shed around 4:00 in the morning and sexually assaulted the person. >> ♪ 6:32 is the time right now. that means it's time for the morning line. the nats avoid the sweep in saint louis. bryce harper and max scherzer had great games. harper the the plate with one on smashes it 19th homer of the year. then in the third he does it again. max scherzer meanwhile was dominating on the mound showing why he's one of the best. he allowed just two hits through seven shutout innings and delivered 12 strikeouts. the nats win seven to two. well, today they return home for a three game series with the mets. first pitch is at 6:05 tonight with stephen strasburg on the mound for washington. following the game fans can
6:33 am
fireworks display. the nats pet calendar is now available if you want that. it features players with their family pets and adoptable animals with the human rescue alliance of d.c. so keep that in mind. proceeds benefit that rescue. you can purchase on the team store or go get it online. let's talk all-star game now. the all-star starting lineup has been announced and washington sure is representing with a total of five players. we're talking ryan zimmerman, daniel murphy bryce harper max scherzer and stephen strasburg they're in. the push to fill that last spot and the nats wants you to vote on anthony rendon. they want you to vote rendon. anthony rendon is one of five players the fans can still vote on to make the national league roster. voting ends thursday at 4:00 p.m. first pitch of the astros game,
6:34 am
barth is actually from houston. he received a standing ovation from the crowd and later recalled exactly what happened that day. >> and at that point i made myself as small a target as possible. i laid down on the ground. then i saw the shooter turn his long gun towards me and probably about 10 shots around me, everything started to pop. i got struck in the leg in my lower left calf. at that point i decided i didn't want to let this guy just take target practice on me so i ran down the first baseline and dove into the dugout. there's a couple guys, matt, mike who could still use your prayers. i'm proud to call myself a houstonian. proud to have the community lifting me up. >> when the astros called to ask what number he wanted on his jersey he said 414 what he calls the luckiest day of his life for surviving. a
6:35 am
nba over the weekend. word overnight that otto porter jr. could be on the move. according to espn the sacramento kings offered the restricted free agent a four year one hun $100 million deal. he notched career highs in that points rebounds and a 43 percent shooting percentage of from three last season. so otto porter getting paid. we also have news from overnight involving the caps. marcus johansson heading to the new jersey devils traded for a 2018 second round and third round picks. it was move to close a big money deal with kutz net south philadelphia. pga tournament held in potomac maryland. stanley managed to go up and down for par in the playoff after charles howard, iii missed a putt to win on the final hole o
6:36 am
heads up about a very special guest coming to good day d.c. redskins head coach jay gruden is going to join us live in studio at 9:30. he and his wife they're going to talk about a special charity event they're having. plus he's also going to give us some scoop, some dish, if you will, tucker barnes, about the upcoming redskins season. that's coming up at 9:30 on good day d.c. >> that's amazing. >> he's going to bring us his playbook. >> he is. >> i just made that part up. >> nfl coaches they don't dish. >> uh-uh. >> they have pertinent information to the situation. >> that's why they tone dish. >> they got tight lips. >> if i were otto porter i'd take the -- you can offer me a hundred million dollars to play basketball i'd take that deal. >> it is a great deal. great work if you can get it. >> let's do the forecast. we're looking hot and humid later today. mid 90's for daytime highs. yesterday we
6:37 am
today why not turn it up a degree or two? how about 95. >> crank it up a notch. >> heat index near 100. it will be borderline dangerous for a time this afternoon. lots of water if you're going to be out and about. there's a live look at your satellite and radar. generally sunny conditions early, generally sunny conditions expected this afternoon. yesterday we had one rogue storm, really a shower move across the city, bethesda. >> i was out eating outside when that happened. >> were you. >> yeah. >> well, i wasn't forecasting yesterday so i won't take any responsibility for it. >> it was fine. you know what, we could do that again today. there could be one or two showers later today. just keep that in mind. little better chance tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. i know we got fireworks tomorrow night. but there could be a few scattered storms tomorrow. high temperature wil be in 93. there's your two day forecast. >> with the fireworks i never got my thunder shirt for my small dog so be careful guys and lots of dogs run off during the fireworks they're so frightened. ok
6:38 am
what do you have erin. >> my big cat, he's a giant 18-pound cat he hides under the bed. >> maybe lady bird can snuggle with. >> do you think they could make a thunder shirt four for people. >> they're called spanks. >> look at that vehicle on its drive. dale drive at colesville road. some lanes are blocked because of. that fire department out there. another vehicle involved with the smashed up front end there so big scene. what watch for slowdowns on colesville road in silver spring. let's look in stafford. through this construction zone we have a disabled vehicle. it's blocking the shoulder now. but it's causing some delays around the curb there. active construction zone. that's southbound 95 at garrisonville road. northbound quiet this morning. not seeing any slowdowns from fredericksburg into dale city. let's show you a look from our cameras at our maps. aside from that we're dealing with residual delays on the orange line to vienna. earlier malfunction at new
6:39 am
metro is on time. tomorrow for the fourth there will be adjustments to the rail line and a lot of closures around the national mall for the fireworks and parade. if you have any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. allison back to you. >> an alert to share erin for people in howard county, maryland. please listen up. howard county maryland the 911 line is currently down for you in howard county. to make an emergency call, people in howard county should call the number on your screen, please take a moment jot it down, take a look. that number (410)313-2911. again, to reach emergency services in howard county, this is the number you need right now (410)313-2911. we're back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ ♪♪ it's go time at dunkin' with two egg and cheese wake-up wraps for $2.
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leg. we couldn't be any happier. leg. z2d1iz z16fz y2d1iy y16fy >> ♪ >> 6:42 and we are back now with what's trending on the web this monday morning. first up, so, do you remember a couple of months ago when a clothing company in california told people to repost a photo of the pamela sunny suit and they would get one for free? the promotion of the $64.01 peace that comes in red and black in case you're wondering it went viral. at first people thought it was a scam. turns out the company followed through on their end of the deal. now people are happily reposting that they too got their pamela sunny suit. it is cute.
6:43 am
okay. listen, this is true. true story here. a mayor in mexico married a crocodile its a baby one. the crocodile was dressed for the occasion and you know it had to love getting on dressed up. the whole wedding was good luck tradition. it dates back hundreds of years ago. do y'all see the crocodile in the little outfit. >> such cute. >> vera fang. the mayor even had a first dance with the crocodile as part of the ceremony. >> i'm sure her mouth is all -- okay. that happened and hopefully the brings good luck. powerful summer storms in mexico -- excuse me. that's the last story in moscow sent people running for cover. check out this run away portable toilets chasing after folks. there they go. the chaos unfolded on friday. strong winds pushed the toilets across the sidewalks. video of the scene it went viral online and of course there were plenty
6:44 am
jokes. >> are there people in there. >> that is a good question. i doubt it seriously. i don't think they would be that portable. >> too many jokes in here after those stories. so wisdom i'll just give it back to you. so the crocodile, i don't know. i don't know how she felt about all that of. >> it's -- somebody needs some therapy on that 'cause i wouldn't even -- >> how has this happened for hundreds of years and we've never heard about it. >> it's somebody else is just being thirsty on the internet clearly. if you don't consummate the marriage then it's not valid. >> well, i didn't want to read all that part. >> i understand, i understand and for good reason. >> yeah. >> thank you allison. >> back to you. >> well, it was big weekend at the box office for two new movies. plus, our kevin mccarthy gets a chance to sit down with two of the stars from girls trip, queen latifah and jada pinkett smith. they answer a question from a fox5 viewer.
6:45 am
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>> ♪ >> we are now just four days away from our next zip trip this friday july 11th. fox5 will be live in waldorf maryland from 6:00 to 11:00. that deserves a big round of applause. we'll be at odell lake. we have a whole lot fun planned. steve annie and tucker will be out there and we would love to see you, too. we do have one housekeeping note to pass along. good news, howard county your 911 is back up and running. forget that number i told you about. howard county if you have
6:48 am
emergency 911 is working. >> all right. >> great news. hot and humid today. yesterday made it to 93. today how about 95? so, we're going to turn the thermostat up again today. >> crank it up. >> yes, going to crank it up. yeah, maybe a storm. better chance tomorrow unfortunately for our fourth of july. here are your current numbers. 75 glorious sweaty degrees here in washington. dewpoint temperatures i'll show those to you here in a s.e.c. 72 in quantico. 72 annapolis. 60's here to the west and north. dulles 67, 66 in frederick. dewpoints, we get these above 70 i promise you'll notice the humidity the moment you step out. there's a pocket here washington -- erin is asking a question at the same time i'm trying to do weather. 72 in annapolis. 70 in quantico. it feels very oppressive out there. even temperatures -- dewpoints in the mid 60's and it's noticeable. so, humidity as well as heat today.
6:49 am
generally sunny skies to start your morning. sun up about an hour ago. we got a few clouds north and west but you can see we're generally clear here locally. there is a front off to the north and west and as that drops down over the next 24 hours, got a little better chance tomorrow. the front actually won't move through the area but it will be close enough that we may see a few showers or storms fire up tomorrow afternoon. i don't think we'll get much of anything today but there could be a lonesome shower this afternoon. that's tonight 7:30 nice and quiet if you got barbecues that kind of thing. that's tomorrow morning. let me show you tomorrow afternoon. there we go. that's at 6 o'clock. we're firing up a few showers, maybe a thunderstorm across the area and we'll keep that threat unfortunately right through the fireworks period, 9:30, 10:00 tomorrow night. again it should be widely scattered. we're not going to get a lot of anything. we got to put a storm back in the forecast for tomorrow and a high temperature 93. oka. that's weather. yes, morning meme is um congress up. >> sorry for interrupting your forecast to ask that but i was excited about it. you also know you're having a bad hair day when the crew tells you your ponytail is
6:50 am
the frizz is so crazy so we went to a bun. thank you allison we're getting there for monday. right now seeing big delays. you can see a lane is blocked on colesville road at the intersection of dale drive in silver spring. a crash involving an overturned vehicle. traffic is he will rely slow on colesville road in both directions because of that. please use caution there. you can see we're just backing up even though volume is really light. let's switch over for a look at our maps and show you what else you're dealing with this morning. earlier train malfunction at new carrollton orange line residual delays to vienna. outer loop crash has cleared to the shoulder. all lanes opened and we're seeing such light volume 95 northbound headed to the delaware beaches or jersey shore you're in great shape. if you're headed out inside the beltway you're quiet right now. 50 looking good across the bay bridge. bay bridge is wide opened. now is the time to hit the road if you're not working and you have something cool to do. if you're like us and traffic is quiet on 395. 66 is wide. oh have a a lot of pleasant things to
6:51 am
>> i see a lot of green on that map. >> i know. >> it's a good thing. >> i could talk green for hours. >> love it. >> thanks erin. >> real quick let's do the morning memes. animal edition. >> yay! >> ♪ >> we have all the time in the world. >> no, i just saw kevin come in and he's got to tell us about this movie or that. >> that's does. [laughter] >> all right. let's go. number one. >> awww. >> hey, can i see real quick deacon i met you on friday at zip trip. it was so great to finally meet you. >> okay. >> i love meeting our twitter follower. >> i do, too. >> the face i make when i'm eating healthy and a coworker brings in fresh red velvet. >> i know the pain. >> we've been there. >> i'm that coworker. >> yeah. >> true story. he is. >> oh, yeah. >> i don't do cookies any. >> you went on a garlic bread kick. >> i'm on a diet. >> thank you meredith. this is for you erin. >> the bed
6:52 am
i swear. >> it's not me. >> i hope this is a cat meme, not because of the content. >> i was wondering. he's into tricky waters right now. it's the cat. >> right. >> okay. >> that's how i feel after dry cleaners. >> me, too. definitely. >> this is my favorite. >> wrap it up. marx brother. >> you heard of harpo. that's cheeto you need to send us a morning meme fourth of july related for tomorrow. >> okay. >> okay. >> that's your theme, fourth of july related morning meme, #morning meme. >> our viewers always deliver so we'll see them tomorrow. time right now is 6:52. we're looking ahead to an awesome good day d.c. you don't want to miss it. >> we're so happy to share redskins head coach jay gruden is going to be with us today. he and his wife sherri they're going to be here and they're going to talk about mrs. gruden's charity and how you can be a part of it. also the upcoming redskins season that's what the coach is going to talk
6:53 am
he's here. what? i'm going ask him a couple questions. we're even going to do a little karaoke or somebody here is going to do some karaoke competition with the grudens. >> somebody, hm. >> i bet he's going to be surprised. he'll be glad to hear that. >> our girl cherisse jackson jordan here to company host good day 10:00 a fresh off the season finale housewives potomac. the formula is right. they got them right do you know what i mean. >> they hit a home run. >> home run. congrats to them. wheel well come cherisse later. >> in the meantime kevin mccarthy is here what today's fox beat box office. >> steve and wisdom. >> steve. >> it's monday morning. >> i always say that kev is so color-blind and this is absolutely the proof. yes, kev. >> allison and wisdom. >> all right. >> good morning to you guys. >> good morning. >> big weekend at the box office. i do that want to mention that we have an amazing fox5 viewer question that was sent to me from queen latifah as well as jada pinkett smith and i'll show that answer very shortly. >> okay. >> t
6:54 am
"despicable me 3", $75.4 million. now it's a huge opening for that film. i will say i gave the movie a three and a half out of five. i didn't love this film as much as i loved the first despicable me. this franchise has made a ton of money over $2.5 billion worldwide. this film despicable two and one obviously the minions movies as well. i love steve carell it's a great role for him. this time he meets his twin brother drew and they try to take over a villian played by tray parker from the south park films and the tv show. so that movie made 75.4 million. the real story this weekend is baby driver which was a film that was original movie that no one really saw coming in regards to box office success. it made $30 million between wednesday and sunday. 21 million specifically over the weekend. this is a big win for edgar wright who is generally known as a independent time filmmaker who did scott pilgrim versus the world. huge win for original film making here. really happy to
6:55 am
love that movie. the movie the house bombed with $9 million. next up baby driver beat transformers in its second weekend which is really cool. so, tamika spencer an amazing fox5 viewer who sent in a great question for queen latifah and jada pinkett smith. the movie itself girls trip opens up on july 21st. this is a film that has a huge cast regina hall queen latifah jada pinkett smith as alis were tiffany hadish. a group of girls go to new orleans for the essence festival. spenner said what is the best mix for a good girls flick. tamika here's your answer. >> tamika spencer wanted to know if you were to go on a girls trip if real life what would be a mix of music you would have with you? what's the necessary soundtrack to a girls' trip? >> oh, you go to the have a little bit of everything. you got havso
6:56 am
some skin dread with me. >> pantera. >> i'll take a look pantera, yes, definitely. got have pa in. tera. got to have some pop. some biggy. >> bob marley. >> stevie. definitely have to take my alternative playlist and any kind of like -- whatever's cracking right now. >> yeah. >> i have to have the current things. >> smooth r and b with some her. >> got have a whole playlist. >> just to clarify they're mentioning what songs a girls trip -- the best mix and obviously trying to put a lot of different type of music on there. it's very cool. we were on the streets of new orleans there on bourbon street on the balcony of a hotel. really kind of cool and everyone was down there shouting out to queen latifah and jada pinkett smith. there was some great fox5 fans down there yelling out as well. >> are you serious. >> yeah i ran
6:57 am
of fox5 fans that were down there for the essence festival. they were like fox5 movie reviewer. i was like it's queen latifah don't worry about me. >> kev thanks so much. >> thanks, guys. >> be right back. >> ♪
6:58 am
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the beltway. who gunned down a father found shot to death inside a car stopped on 495 in prince george's county? police now asking the public for help to solve this case. >> plus, the president defending his use of twitter after days of attacks on the media. but this morning growing calls from the left and the right to stop his tirades and focus on his agenda. >> also ahead preparations well under way as the nation's capitol gets ready for a big fourth of july celebration. coming up we'll have details about this year's parade concert and of course the fireworks. >> good morning to you. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm holly morris in for steve chenevey. >> if you're just waking up this morning, giving you a live look outside. you saw the preparations under way for the capitol fourth. now a look at the roads, nice and quiet out there. >> yeah, let's go ahead and get a quick check of the weather and traffic. tucker and erin both standing by. tuck, we'll start with you. >> hey, holly. hazy and hot conditions expected later today. mid 90's for daytime highs. we'll get some storms. i'll have all the d


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